The Earth Cafe Review

Since we like trying new restaurants in Koregaon Park we went to the earth cafe. For the foodies it is a must visit.

Cuisnes available

Continental, Sushi,  North Indian and European.

We ordered some mocktails that were  great. I liked the watermelon and mint drink and  I recommend to try it. For the non -vegetarians  in starters the chicken peri peri lollipop is worth a  try. It is known as the basil peri peri  chicken lollipop that consists of the famous street food munchie that is served with  schezuan sauce and peach basil jam. This dish was unique and  delicious. In the main course we ordered  veg dum lasagne with roasted ratotulie. This  dish was worth a try but a little on the spicy side.


  • Lovely ambience.
  • Soothing  rhythmic music.
  • Good food.
  • Free parking.
  • Outdoor seating.
  • Valet parking available.
  • Children friendly.


  •  Slightly expensive ( 1,000 for two people.




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