Cheryls Hydra Moist Moisturizer review

Until last time I went to the parlour the beautician told me  that I have very  dry skin and need to use a  good  moisturizer. Thats where I  have started using  Cheryl’s  Hydra moist moisturizer.

Hydra moist is a season moisturizer that gives a light , rich feeling by softening the surface of the  skin. It  gives  and retains the same level of intensity of moisture  for more than   6 hours.

It has  the  following ingredients:

  • Hydrolized acid that helps moisture retainment  and  helps lessening the lines and wrinkles on the  face.
  • Hydrolized wheat protein  that  can be  easily absorbed  by the  skin thus  giving it a feeling of softeness.
  • Kokum butter helps in  offering natural lipids.
  • Lactobacillius glycine soyabean oil that is for enhancement of  the elasticity of the  skin.

This moisturizer  is free of chemicals thus  causing less damage to the  skin.

Directions for  using the moisturizer.

Massage gently into  skin  by using light  upward circular movement .


  • Protection of the skin’s  natural oil .
  • Moisturizes balance  for promotion of  skin that is healthy and radiant.
  • For normal to  dry skin.


  • Not suitable for  sensitive and oily skin.

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