Whaaat is Self- Concept?

Self- concept is the manner in which people think about themselves.It is unique, dynamic, and always evolving. This mental image of oneself influences a person’s identity, self-esteem, body image,and role in society. As a global understanding of oneself, self-concept shapes and defines who we are, the decisions we makeand the relationships we create.

Constitutents of  Self- Concept.

  • Identity.
  • Body Image.
  • Self- esteem.
  • Role.

Identity is an individual’s description of who he is .An individual’s identity is developed over time, constantly evolving, and influenced by self-awareness.Self-awarenessinvolves consciously knowing how the self thinks, feels,believes, and behaves at any particular  time.

An individual’s perception of physical self that consists of appearance,  function and the ability is called body image.

Self-esteem is a personal opinion of oneself and is shapedby individuals’ relationships with others, experiences, and achievements. in life.
We face  many roles in our day to  day ife. As we pass from birthto death, we will become a child, teenager, friend, worker, and perhaps spouse or parent. Many of our roles are defined by our victory, education, relationships, and career.

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