Never give up

Never give up.

In life, we are constantly facing good and bad times. There are times in our life where we go through downs in our life.  This could be in any sphere of life at any point. For instance, when we are striving too hard to get a job that we like it takes time and effort to find one. We do feel sad and now begin to feel that there is no point in looking for a job not thinking it doesn’t work in the long run and leads us to nowhere. In fact, we should try to be patient and calm till we get a good job of our interest and that will keep us happy. I have faced situations in my life where I do lose hope but I do not sit down and say the battle is lost. We have to keep trying harder at times in order to achieve our goal which at times takes a long time.

Another incident occurs at the workplace when the employee is under pressure, does not get along with the colleagues and starts giving up that he \she cannot complete the given task on time. In such a situation the employee should think positive and make an effort to complete properly and on time what task has been assigned to her/him without complaining in spite of the challenges faced at work.

I suggest some strategies that one should use for not giving up are:

  1. Watch someone who has done something impossible– Think of people who have done amazing things in spite of the irritating obstacle that they are humans.
  2. Listen to a good song that pumps you up– Look for something that works for you. When things become difficult to increase the volumes of the music put on your headphones and dance with the rhythm of the song.
  3. Forget about it- There at times we get excluded, turned down. The best solution in such a situation is to forget the situation and moving on to something else instead and put what has already happened out of your mind.
  4. Reframing your story-   One of the most powerful methods that one can do. The current circumstances that we face are not the final results. The strenuous the story, the greater the story.
  5. Keep your head up-The bad things you’re going through seems so enormous because you’re paying attention directly on it – looking directly into and analyzing every piece of crap that flies your way. When you raise your head up, you look beyond the mess you’re stuck in right now and see the bigger picture and sometimes that’s all you need. Keeping your head up lets you see the simple solution to the problem that you used to think was ridiculously complex.
  6. Make quitting not an option- Just decide that you are not going to quit.

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