Tvum Restaurant Review

Recently I visited a new restaurant in Pune called Tvum. Tvum means for you.  This restaurant serves different cuisines from North Indian, Rajasthani, Mangalorean and  Maharashtrian.

  • Lovely different ambience.
  • Quick service.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Flavorsome food.


  •  The cost is 1,400 for two people.


Dishes worth a try.

We ordered for starters desi mutton chops as the name suggests mutton chops slow braised with sea salt,  ginger garlic and hand pounded pepper on an iron tava. It was just delicious. The vegetarians ate mushroom fry which is stir fried  mushrooms in sesame topped with spicy nellore way with chilies,  curry leaves and methi seeds topped with raw chopped onions.

My favorite dish was the tvum  dum chicken biryani.  The dish is presented with  marinated chicken layered with long grains fragrant Dehradun rice,  dum cooked on a slow wood fire with special stone ground masala,fresh herbs, ghee and saffron served with raita. Everyone also freaked on the different types of chutneys that were served at tvum.

I also liked the jalebi rabdi.

edited jalebis-1.png

edited mushroom starter.png



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