The best Thai restaurant in Pune.

Being a food blogger and my love for experimenting restaurants in Pune. This restaurant called Malaka Spice is located in Lane -5 in Koregaon Park. It is good for both the vegetarian and non- vegetarian.

Dishes recommended


  • Lotus Stem.
  • Top hat .
  • Chicken in Pandanu.

For the main course we normally have phad thai noodles but this time we tried something different after a long time called Saigon Noodles which is flat noodles which is the popular Vietnamese noodles tossed with lime, coriander and asparagus.  The noodles were just delicious and healthy .  I wanted to try a new chicken gravy dish so ordered Taiwanese  stir fry chicken which is tender chicken that is tossed with broccoli  and zucchini  in black bean sauce and curry leaves which is medium spiced for the spicy lovers. The slow cooked Mutton  in red paste was a good try that my family  had.

Pros of the place.

  • Lovely ambience.
  • Friendly and courteous staff.
  • Delicious food and presented well.
  • Valet parking available.


  • Expensive .




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