Review on Science Literature

Science Literature.

If you will; about the well-known scientist of the 21st Century who was paralysed due to the diagnosis of ALS ,a form of motor neuron disease;which left him completely wheelchair bound after that.

He was Stephen William Hawking 🙂

He majorly spent his entire life on the Black-Hole Theory of the Universe & the basic laws that govern the Universe. Extremely insightful book from his personal experiences & each theory wound up , is simply & remarkably explained therein.

The name of the novel / book I am going to reveal is :
The Theory of Everything-The Origin & Fate of the Universe.
I urge the novel-lovers to pick up this genre of books to read once in a while & watch the film release as well.

His book is divded into the 7 chapters where he lucidly describes & draws contrats of his theory as a physicist along with other famous physicist as well.

Chapter One : Basic Ideas about the Universe.
Chapter Two: A Deeper Insight into the Universe
Chapter Three: What really are Black-Holes, & how and why they’re created?
Chapter Four: Deeper Insight into the Black Holes of the Universe
Chapter Five: Origin & Fate of the Universe
Chapter Six: Direction Of Time
Chapter Seven: Finally, the Thoery of everything.

To know more about each of those lucidly explained chapters & a deeper understanding of how really are environment works around us, I gurantee that novel readers, will enjoy this unique genre .

The way he has woven of each of those lectures,with various theories is what kept my interest going, being a Non-Science Studet myself found this book easy & simple to relate to.

Some of the famous theories being :
Anthropic Principles
Atomic Bomb Project
Background Radiation & the Hot ig Bang Model
Balloon Model for Expanding the Universe
Big Bang Theory
Friedmann’s Models & Time Reversal of Black Holes
Creation Theory
Blue-Shift Stars
Second-Law of Thermodynamics
Cold-Star Theory
Classical Theory ,General Gravity of Relativity of gravity
Deppler Effect & Measurement of Speed & Measurement of Universe of Expansion.
Alexander’s Assumptions o Background Radiation
Space Time-Continuum
Galatic Gas Clouds
The Inflationary Model
The Physics Laws of Planck’s Quantum Principle
Kepler’s Theory etc.
Unified Force & Theory
Red-Shift Stars
Euclidean Model of Imaginery Values theory
Universe Early Models of Aristotle,Copernicus, Nicolas,Galileo,
Wilson Robert & Hot Big Bang Model
String Theory & its types; to name a few.

I hope you dig in & find out for your satiety.



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