Nivea body lotion night whitening skin moisturiser review

Hi  beauty connoisseur been trying to see which is a good moisturizer for the skin and I recommend Nivea body lotion  moisturiser.

Benefits of using this moisturiser

Nives Moisturizer has Vitamin  E,  Mela control  and berry extracts.  By applying this moisturiser it gives fairer, even toned skin. On using repeatedly,  it gives  moisturised skin  and even skin tone as it works  on your skin throughout the night .   Nivea moisturizer helps  in moisturizing your skin  every night  and waking up to skin  that feels cared for. The skin also feels light and rich .


It comes in a 200 ml bottle .


  • Not expensive.
  • Used especially in summers when day long exposure to  the sun darkens the skin and  the harsh external environment  leaves the skin dehydrated.


  •  Big size  not suitable for travel need a smaller packaging for travel.

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