Emotional Intelligence Book Review

For the book lovers, this book  is a must read.

Author: Daniel Goleman.

Genre: Self- help, psychology.

The author has  used simple languge and examples to put forth his views in a manner in which the readers will understand  the topics that are covered in the book.

I liked the book because I felt that by  reading it it helped me develop my personlity  because of the ups and downs that we face in our daily life.
Important quotes that are applicable in our daily lives.
 The models of emotional intelligence are  the ability –  based model,  the  trait model of emotional intelligence and  mixed models  of  EI ( Emotional Intelligence)

  • The concept of  emotional perception which is defined as an individual’s capacity to identify his own emotions is important once we know what we are feeling we can deal with our emotions in a better manner.  Emotional understanding can be applied at home and in work place too.  It is defined as the “ability to self-regulate emotions and to regulate emotion in others.”
  • ” We cannot truly be happy  and productive  until we are aware of our feelings and  what causes them.”
  • I feel that increasing self – awareness in today’s times it is important because we are not aware about  our emotions  we are more bothered about other ‘s emotions and  what they are thinking about us.  For creating self- awareness an individual must ask the following questions like:
  1. How am I feeling?
  2.  What am I feeling?
  3. How long am I feeling this way?
  4. Where do I observe  the feeling manifesting  itself in my body?

Lastly self – control is also beneficial for the workplace because it  includes knowing  what is vital to you and  what isn’t  and how it will convert  into your acions and behaviour.


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