Savya Rasa Restaurant Review

For all the foodies in Pune a new south Indian Restaurant in Pune has opened in Koregaon park called Savya Rasa.

Highlights of the restaurant.

  • Courteous staff.
  • Simple ambiance.
  • Cozy seating.

We had two starters, to begin with, Pallipalayam Kozi which has pan-fried pieces of chicken flavored with freshly ground masala, turmeric and finished with coconut silvers. This dish comes from the river banks of Kaveri. We also had the chutney Pani yaram which is  rice lentils with butter,  seasoning with ginger,  green chilies,  coconut that is grated,  crushed pepper and stuffed with three types of chutney. These dishes were flavorsome and just melts in your mouth.

Coming to the main course we ordered appams with a slightly sweetish yellow curry that was delicious.

tomato chutney with paniyaram.jpg



chicken starter.jpg

Pallipalayam Kozi



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