Bistro Restaurant Review


Hi foodies it may have taken a while to get to my mouth, but I’ve found the best paella on the planet for the best italian food nearby which is called bistro.


  • The presentation of the starter that we ordered  make me feel excited to eat it . It made me feel like homely and royal.
  • Both the pizza and the starter were delicious and were not too spicy.
  •  The chicken was  well cooked, tender and just melted in the mouth.
  • Ambiance- The ambiance of the place was warm.
  • The staff was friendly and  asked for a feed back immediately  after serving the starter  and the main course.


  •  The service was not quick.
  • Expensive pricing  of dishes.

Recommended dishes:

  • I would recommend for the non – vegetarians  to try the  chicken shish touk which is  chicken kebabs served with yoghurt dip and hummus. I liked the youghurt dip it was yummy.
  • For main course I suggest  the foodies to have pizza as they are thin crust.  I liked the cellino pizza which  has the following ingredients tomato that is sliced,  mushroom , sundried tomato and ricotta cheese.  The pizza is slighlty  bland in taste so those who like spicy food should add tabasco sauce and oregano to spice it up.

edited chicken starter -1.png







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