Sante Spa Restaurant Review

It may have taken a while to get to my mouth, but I’ve found the best paella on the planet which is something different and this is a spa restaurant in Pune.

For the foodies, a spa restaurant has opened up a while back next to various restaurant Koregaon park.

The ambiance of the place is good, service is good and the food was aromatic.  The presentation of the dishes was unique because first the type of dishes it was served in unlike other restaurants. This restaurant had different cutlery like wooden spoons and plates that were different that used in the other restaurants. This restaurant is unique because it has healthy food, unlike other restaurants which are gluten free.

I would recommend the foodies to have beetroot and spinach hummus which is served with whole wheat khakkhara chips, extra virgin oil, and vegan. For the main course whole wheat gnocchi and Mediterranean vegetables.  The ingredients consist of tomato,  fondue, and high fiber. The texture of the gnocchi was soft and melts in your mouth.



edited humms.png

Beetroot and spinach hummus served with khakhara.


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