Music as medicine

Researchers are investigating how the therapy of music can make better results of health among different populations of patients with those who have depression and any kind of disease.

Music has been treated to cure pain and lessen stress we face in our day to day life. For those who are stressed out should ideally listen to music that is instrumental as it is very soothing and uplifts our emotions thus making us forget our tensions and keeping us happy more often.

Different kinds of music can be a stress buster for various people. For instance, some people might feel relaxed by listening to instrumental music.  While on the other hand for some people they listen to some peppy, fast music that gives them the energy to dance thus removing their stress. At times I do suggest people meditate while listening to instrumental music as it relieves stress and makes us feel calm.

For such videos, one can search on youtube. This is an example of one link.



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