The Founder Movie Review

For all the movie buffs this blog is a new movie that was released called  The Founder.Director: John Lee Hancock.

Genre: Biographical movie and historical movie.

Director: John Lee Hancock.

The movie stars Michael  Keaton as Ray Kroc and shows the story of his merger of the Mc Donald ‘s food chain.

Plot: Ray Kroc is a  traveling salesman selling Prince  Castle brand milkshake makers in 1954. He has a helpful wife  Laura Dern and has saved enough to live a life that is simple and comfortable. Ray meets with two brothers the older and the hard working  Maurice and Richard Dic  Mc Donald. Ray takes a tour around the kitchen and takes a note of the employee’s strong work ethic.

Starcast: Michael Keaton,  Nick Offerman, John  Caroll Lynch, Linda Cardellini.

The movie was great because the leading actor acted well, the story was different, unlike other English movies which are more of thriller,  action, drama and romantic comedy.  Other English movies have a different theme around it while making the script of the movie. The background music and sound went well with the movie.





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