The Start -Up of You Book Review

The authors of the book are  Reid  Hoffman and  Ben Casnocha. Reid Hoffman is the co- founder and chairman of LinkedIn and  Ben  Casnocha has written for Newsweek and the public radio of Marketplace that came on CNN.

This book covers the following chapters:

  • All humans are entrepreneurs.
  •  Develop a competitive advantage.
  • Plan to adapt.
  • It takes a Network.
  • Pursue Breakout Opportunities etc.

I liked the way in which the authors have used simple language to put forth what they are trying to say and what is really relevant for an entrepreneur in today’s times. I think this book must be read by all and especially for those who want to learn how to adapt to the future,  investing in yourself and making  a career transformation that will be an added advantage in the near future.

I would like to mention some phrases and quotes that make me feel one should definitely read the book.

  1. “Take intelligent  and bold risks to accomplish something great.”

2.  “Build a network of alliances to help you with intelligence,  resources and collective action.”

3. Asking questions makes it easier for you to choose exactly what you want to do.  For instance,  What should I  be doing in my life? This question helps in deciding which  opportunities to pursue.






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