Dangal Movie Review

Dangal movie revolves around a sports story. As the title suggests   Dangal means a wrestling competition.

This movie is a story that is true. The setting of the film is a village in Haryana. This state is well known for a talent of wrestling and is infamous for patriarchy of parochial. A  national champion  Mahavir Singh Phogat who took up wrestling because of being poor and thought that he should be gifted with a son to assist him to realize his dream of winning India a gold medal on the circuit of wrestling that is international. Unfortunately,  Mahavir and his wife have four children who are all girls. The two girls Babita and  Geeta hit a trouble maker, thus making  Mahavir Singh realize that both the daughters might have the capability to fulfill his dreams of being a wrestler.

Mahavir trains his daughters to enter into wrestling and earns gold medals.  During the training, the girls are mocked at by many people in the village but they still continue and listen to their father’s advice every day. After going through vigorous training and taking part in several competitions  Geeta is a wrestler at the national level and soon at the international level too.

I loved the Aamir Khan’s acting and the two girls  Babita and Geeta throughout the movie. I was inspired and learned that to pursue your dreams is not impossible and one has to work in a systematic direction in order to be successful in life. Whether you are a girl or a boy it doesn’t matter one has to make  use of the skills that we have and keep pursuing that.

The screenplay of Dangal took a  year. The leading character initially had to face many changes in the movie. The daughter’s role was equally a challenge, as a result, the actors had to be in the role of a wrestler and play the sport with great genuineness.

It is inspiring for the youth and will help them by looking at  Babita and Geeta cross all obstacles in life for pursuing their dreams fruitfully.

The movie is a must watch, is inspiring and gives a good message.



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