A Visit to the French Colony- Puducherry.

This Christmas was exciting and different because we went traveling to  Puducherry.

How to reach there from Mumbai \Pune.

Take a flight from Mumbai to Chennai and if traveling from Pune also take a flight from Pune to Chennai. One can also travel by train from  Mumbai to  Chennai and Pune to Chennai. After landing at  Chennai airport hire a taxi to go to Puducherry.  It takes three hours from Chennai to Puducherry by road.

promenade hotel -1.jpg

We stayed at  The Promenade Hotel which is an  HIDESIGN hotel.  We also stayed at Ocean Spray hotel which had the following facilities.

  •  Swimming pool.
  • Activity center for children.
  • Spa.
  • Night Club.

ocean spray hotel.jpg

ocean spray edited.png

Ocean Spray Hotel.

Sightseeing places in Puducherry.

  • The  Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • Promenade Beach.
  • Auroville the City of  Dawn- Matri Mandir.

sacred heart of jesus church.png

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

promenade beach edited.png

Promenade Beach

auroville edited.png


Famous eateries we visited

  • Le Cafe-  24 Hour cafe.
  •  Carte De Blanche at  De L’orient.
  •  Cafe Xtasi-  Famous for  Wood fired pizza.
  • Bread and Chocolate.

Shops we visited in Pondicherry.

  1. Casablanca-  Situated in  Heritage Town Pondicherry.  Has  Hidesign purses, cosmetics of all different brands and body shop products.
  2. Titanic  Factory Outlet-   This factory outlet had clothes of various brands like Roxy, Ralph and Lauren and S Oliver.

Auroville Shops.

  • Kalki Auroville.












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