Sauteed Stories Review

It may have taken some time but  I found the best cafes in Koregaon park. This is Sauteed stories located on North Main Road.

At first, when I entered this place I like the entry it was different. The entire look of the place was unique. It was built more to give the antique look to the place. It is good for youngsters to come chit chat, have coffee and also starters and the main course of course. The beverages that my friend and me ordered was hot chocolate and cafe late which was excellent worth a try.

If someone comes alone also there are some good books to read. I liked their collection. Coming to the food my friend and me ordered the honey chili fries. It was just yummy and  I had never heard of this appetizer before. I was initially not willing to order this appetizer because I thought it would be sweet but it is best for the Indian taste buds.

The appetizer was presented well and was enough for two people. It was spicy but not that dynamite I liked the appetizer and would recommend it.

Cons of this place.

  • Location on the main road so difficult for parking of four-wheelers.

sauteed stories.jpg

The inside of sauteed stories

honey chilly fries.png




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