Arrival Movie.

For the movie buffs who  want to watch something different and at the same time interesting and gripping one should watch arrival.

Director: Dennis  Villeneurve

Cast:  Amy Adams,  Jeremy Renner,  Forest Whitaker,  Michael  Stehlberg,  Mark O  Brein

 Genre: Science Fiction.

The movie is based on a story called  Story of  Your life.


The film begins with linguist Louise Banks caring for her daughter, who dies during childhood from cancer.

While Louise is at work lecturing, twelve extraterrestrial spacecraft appear across the Earth. She is asked by US Army Colonel Weber to join a team, with physicist Ian Donnelly, to find out why they have come. They make contact with two seven-limbed aliens, which they call “heptapods” and Ian nicknames Abbott and Costello. Louise discovers that the aliens have a written language of complicated circular symbols, and she begins to learn the symbols that correspond to a basic vocabulary. As she becomes more proficient, she starts to see and dream images of herself with her daughter.

When Louise is able to ask what the aliens want, they answer: “offer weapon”. A similar translation “use weapon” is received by one of the other sites. Fear of a potential threat from the aliens leads other nations to close down communications, and some prepare their military for attack. However, Louise thinks that the symbol for “weapon” might have an alternative translation such as “tool”.

Music:Jóhann Jóhannsson began writing the score as shooting started, drawing on the screenplay and concept art for his inspiration. He developed one of the main themes in the first week using vocals and experimental piano loops.[14] The film also uses the piece “On the Nature of Daylight” by composer Max Richter to open and close the movie.

The movie was good , different concept , kept the audience interested in wanting to know what happens in the movie.   The acting of the actors and actress was  done well.





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