10 ways to create your own personal brand

Hi readers, this blog is  written after a very long time. Tips that can be followed or creating your own personal brand are:

  •  Targetting an influencer and  constructing a relationship.

It is important to find  influnecers in the industry and  people who are also working on their branding. Reach out  to them directly and  begin  a relationship  that is not a networking relationship.  Create a  relationship of  high level  that eventually leads to a  friendship that is genuine. Having  small friendships  in the industry,  can have a more influence on more than 100 people  who kind off know the brand.

  •  Getting really good with a single marketing channel- Proffessionals say that  one should have a robust content marketing and a strategy for content promoting strategy across various channels.
  • Exercising confidence.
  • Promoting the content directly.
  • Start a community.
  • Build content around others.
  • Levearge storytelling.

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