A wonderful holiday to Mount Abu and Ranakpur

Recently  my family and me went for a diwali holiday to  Mount Abu a hill station in Rajasthan.

Mount Abu is a well known hill station located in Sirohi district of Rajasthan. We stayed at Connaught House in Mount Abu.

Places for sightseeing in Mount Abu.

  • Achalgarh fort- We went to the achalgarh fort that was built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar. I also enjoyed driving around lake nakki and saw many people boating in the lake. Close to the fort after we went to the achalgarh Mahadev temple. Lord Shiva is workshipped in achalgarh Mahadev temple.
  • Guru Shikhar- The highest point in Mount Abu . We see a picturesque view from this point. This peak has a temple  also  known as the temple of Dattreya and is  named guru shikhar after him.

guru shikhar.jpg

  • Sunset Point – This was a different experience .  We saw the sunset but was just going to miss it.

After staying for two days we went to Ranakpur by road from Mount Abu.

Sightseeing places we visited

1.Ranakpur Jain temple- I just loved the architecture of the main temple . It was just amazing. It is a third storeyed building . The most outstanding feature of the temple is the beautifully carved pillars.


ranakpur temples -1.jpg

In Ranakpur stayed at Fatehbaugh . It was very comfortable, friendly staff, good care taken of the guests. The hotel has  swimming pool for children, an open place to sit and just relax.




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