Is Organic Food Really better??

Organic in fact refers to the way agricultural products are grown and produced. I initially thought that it was just a hype and it was just a way of marketing the organic products. Then I realised the difference between organic and inorganic food. Organic food usually does not contain substances like :

  • Antibiotics.
  • Growth hormones that are artificial.
  • High content in fructose corn syrup.
  • Dyes that are artificial.
  • Artificial sweeteners that are  obtained  from chemicals.
  • Chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are synthetic.

On the other hand inorganic foods use synthetics during the production process.These synthetics commonly consist of  chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Additionally, producers can also modify inorganic food items at a molecular or genetic level.

Organic food is available in different stores in Pune.

  1.  Green Tokri-GreenTokri is a farm nestled amidst the picturesque foothills of the Sahyadris on the outskirts of Pune.At green tokri  a variety of lettuce, fresh herbs, exotic fruits and vegetables are grown.

    We use our fresh produce to make delectable pestos, pickled vegetables, and delicious jams. Our intensely flavorful dressings make eating salads an enjoyable experience. The dressings are available in a variety of flavors to suit every palate.

    There are other organic food retailer shops too in Pune.One can call up Just Dial and get all the details from them.

green tokri.jpg

table of organic and inorganic food.jpg




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