10 of the best blogging tools Part-2

Once you have WordPress, you’re probably going to want to just jump right in and start creating blog posts. But before you do, you need to perform keyword research. Arguably one of the most important steps for blogging is keyword research. It’s all about finding the different terms and phrases that your target audience will use to find the specific content you’re publishing.

We combined these two tools on the list because they go together so well. The Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro allow you to enter in seed keywords and get a list of suggested search terms along with their search volume (the average number of people that search for that specific term each month on Google).


One of the best things about Canva is it comes loaded with templates so all of your graphics can be sized perfectly for each specific social media site. If you want an image to be easy for your readers to Pin, choose the Pinterest template. Or maybe you want something that people can Tweet. You’d then just choose the Twitter template.

The Readability test tool  helps you ensure your blog posts are easy to read. It uses the top readability indicators to let you know the approximate grade level of your content.


This blogging tool is critical for companies and marketers that create a large amount of content or for those who work in teams. Trello is essentially a project management tool focused around improving your workflow.

You can create tasks, set due dates, add multiple team members and do almost everything you need to manage your entire blogging process. There are plenty of project management tools out there, but Trello is great for bloggers because it’s streamlined and doesn’t have a lot of the clutter that you don’t need.


Sprout social is a good blogging tool because it is good for outreaching marketing. A lot of marketers immediately think of sending emails for outreach. But sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, which thrive on building connections and interacting, are great for outreach as well. Through Sprout Social, you can find influencers in your industry and keep a log of your past conversations with each person.

Email marketing\ Autoresponder  is another powerful way to spread the word about your latest blog posts.

Google Analytics is the most popular blogging tool to track the performance of your content.

google analytics.png


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