Farzi Cafe Review

The other day we went to Farzi  Cafe Kalyani Nagar . After visiting the one in Delhi this was also good and we had a better idea as to what dishes to exactly order.

At Farzi cafe the word means “creating an illusion ” with its cuisine. It is also known as the modern Indian bistro. When we reached Farzi we were served Mishti Doi I liked the way this was presented. Mishti Doi  shots which is basically a Bengali dish that consists of sweet Yoghurt. The one we tried was Strawberry flavoured yoghurt, Mishti Doi.

Highlights of the Cafe.

  • Good music that all age groups will like.
  • Different and delicious food.
  •  Courteous and helpful staff.

Dishes I would recommend if people are visiting Farzi for the first time are:

  • Chicken tikka Bun – For the non -veg lovers . My favourite main course dish with a filling of butter chicken  yummy.
  • Amritsari fish and chips.
  • Chicken Quesadillas.

mishty doi.jpg

edited chicken quesidiilas.png


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