Hip Hop an amazing dance form-2

For me, it was a transition in the beginning when I joined in July because I had previously done Shiamak Davar and Bharat Natyam. I remember my teacher saying that ” You need to  unlearn what you have learned and then start afresh.”  Over a period of time I kept trying and started focusing on practicing the steps the same day. For those readers who don’t know much about hip there are basically four types of grooves.

They are:

  1. Down groove.
  2. Up groove.
  3. Bounce groove.
  4. Drop groove.

Each of these grooves has further subtypes and their variations.  Down groove consists of two dance movements  primarily steve martin and smurf.

The other types of Up groove, bounce groove and drop groove can be seen in the above video.

Waving is also a dance move that found interesting to learn.

The types of waves that are used in hip hop are:

  • Arm wave.
  • Body wave.


Loved this video amazing must watch.


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