What are the long term effects of living in a technological world?


Long term benefits of living in a technological world.

In today’s time the lifestyle of people is more advanced with technology.  Technology makes things more attainable and easier to handle. As a result of advance technology communication is easier for example connecting with your friends and family who do not stay in the same city. Applications like skype, WhatsApp calling, facetime are beneficial in communicating effectively. For people who are sick it is easier as they can access things without any difficulty by using technology. Technology has offered equipment in laboratories and clinics thus making it easy for the old people to conduct tests in a quicker manner. In terms of conducting medical tests and checkups it has developed .Nowadays patients no longer have to wait for lot of time. The remote system has made it easier in getting what they want.  Because of technology, people now are able to observe their health without the need of going to their health care provider.

The disadvantage of using technology is that because of using computers, tablets and mobiles it hinders lack of communication in social activities with friends, family or at the workplace. People are spending more time no gadgets rather than talking to people.


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