How texting and social media affects relationships


I think that messaging and social media does affect relationships. If looked at from a positive outlook each of three constituents of technology is a way to communicate with people from all over the globe. With the newer mobiles and increasing applications like WhatsApp, face time, Viber and so on people use these means of technology over just calling up and talking. WhatsApp calling has become very convenient to use and so has face time for communication in a different country altogether or a different city.

But nowadays technology has been misused and it can negatively affect relationships. For example, when people go out for a meal, shopping or any other outing after some time everyone takes out their mobile phones are busy texting someone else. This is wrong because then they don’t end up talking to the people they have come to meet. By using the cell phone 24\7 does not give a good impression to the other person and it can also over a period of time break the relationship.

I recommend that to solve this issue while going out all the phones should be stacked in the middle and no one is allowed to touch them till the time they go home.


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