Spending Quality Time with Grandparents

From childhood days I have been very close to my grandmother. I remember the times when I would visit her in Sonepat while my parents were travelling she would babysit me. As far as the house it was a nice big bungalow with a lush green beautiful garden that was well maintained regularly. There was a nice veranda where one could sit out and see the garden. The major attraction for children a swimming pool that at first I thought was a well. I also remember having cows in the house next to ours and going to feed them every day.

My grandparents also had a house in Nashik and we used to go visit them. I remember playing cards with Nanu what fun it was. He used to call me chatterbox because I love talking non-stop hahaha. At times, he used to also call me choti being the youngest in the house.  I met friends with tenants who used to stay upstairs and every time I came she used to look forward to meeting me. We would play games and have fun together, go out shopping miss those times. At night after dinner, a colony round was a must with my grandparents and my mother.

Over a period of time, Nanima shifted to Pune after Nanu’s death.  That was the time we actually spent more time with her because she was close by. We would go for holidays with her and she was my new roommate too. Places that we travelled with Nani are Abu Dabi, Singapore, Bekal and Hong Kong Macau.


singapore pic-2.jpg





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