An Act of Love Book Review

The author of the book is Nancy Thayer. The genre is contemporary romance. The book does not discuss a preface but describes in brief what the book is going to discuss. The concepts are well defined and the language in the book is clear and convincing. The book was ok because I was expecting little different of the story.

I like the manner in which the author has described the condition of Emily in a poignant manner which creates an image of Emily’s illness and how the nurse takes care of her.  When I was reading the book it made me sad but I still wanted to continue reading the book.  The storyline of the book is more of describing a medical condition, although it has elements of love in it.

The main characters of the story are Emily, Bruce, Owen, Mrs Mc Farland.

I like the way in which Nancy Thayer has described the relationship of Owen and his wife Linda Mc Farland.  Some examples from the story that I liked the way in which the author has discussed are:

  • “Within the curve of is body, his wife lay sleeping. Almost impersonally he noted that the crows’ feet at her eyes and the slight incipient sag of flesh around her jawline.”
  • “The unsettling flash of cars at the periphery of their vision always took some getting used to after the pastoral pace of their farm and the country roads curving moat like, protectively around it.”


I would recommend this book to my friends who are not going to cry while reading the book because I was touched while reading it.  This book would be liked my people who like reading about a family, relationships within the family. The story also keeps the readers in suspense.



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