A fabulous weekend with nh7 weekender

I love going for the Bacardi Nh7 weekender because unlike other concerts it is spread out over different stages. The crowd gets divided and everyone enjoys the music of their choice. I have gone twice for the shows that were held in Pune with my friends and I had a blast.  For those who don’t know the different stages let me list them in brief.

  • Bacardi Black Rock Arena.
  • Eristoff Wolves Den.
  • The Dewarists Stage.

I remember going for Kailash Kher’s performance and it was splendid.  I feel that going for a live concert has its own charm only if you are a music lover and love going to concerts. There are many visitors  who come from all over to see the Bacardi Nh7 weekender.  I also loved the Dualist Inquiry band which I had never heard before. The genre that this band sings is rock –influenced electronica which I found unique and melodious to listen to.

I also liked Vir das as the artist was different because of his comedy.


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