Mars body cleansing scrub gel review

About the Product:

The gel contains aloe vera essence, vitamin E, C, D and B12 with fruit fat essence.

I have been looking for a good gel to clear the dark circles and then my friend went for an exhibition and bought the Mars body cleansing scrub gel.   I was happy when I started using it because of the following reasons:

  • It effectively removes aging skin.
  • Eliminates skin of the outer layer dirt which helps in removing the sun tan also.
  • It also promotes metabolism and blood circulation thus leaving the skin tender, delicate and fair.
  • It has 12 hours moisturizing formula also.

One of the other reasons why I loved using this gel is because after using this gel I realized that it was a good form of face clean at home only.   I recommend for those who for a regular face clean to the parlor and are looking for home remedies should use this gel. It is available in medical shops like Wellness forever and online also like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon India, e-bay India and shop



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