A trip to bringing back positivity

Recently I went to a gurdwara in my own city called Hollywood Gurdwara.   My friend and I had decided to meet and then last minute we decided to go. It was a different experience for me as I have never been earlier.  Some of the things that were essential before entering the gurdwara are washing hands and feet before entering and covering your head with a dupatta. Removing shoes is done before entering any other place of worshipping god.  Covering the head is  essential before entering a Gurdwara because it is a way of showing respect for the guru.

After saying my prayers we took one round of the temple and then also saw the Nishan Sahib. The Nishan Sahib is a Sikh triangular flag made of cotton or silk cloth. It was hoisted outside the Gurdwara. I loved visiting the Gurdwara, seeing something that I had not seen earlier the Nishan Sahib.

I also felt that it doesn’t matter whether you go to the church, temple, gurdwara it is what you have complete faith in.

It was overall a good experience and I felt happy and I felt positive towards life.


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