A breath-taking vacation to America

I travelled to America two weeks back as it was a silver anniversary function that I had to attend.  The things I loved about America are trying out different cuisines like Malaysian , Thai, Mexican, Italian and Lebanese. F0r breakfast I preferred to eat an American breakfast for a change. This included pancakes with syrup, waffles and bagels with cream cheese.

I also loved walking around New York city and going sightseeing to the Museum of Modern Art ( MoMa), Broadway Street where I saw   “Finding Neverland  the Musical”. It was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

edited painting for moma.png

At Museum of Modern Art(MoMa).

sculptures outside moma edited-1.png

In New Jersey I liked going to various malls and shopping for clothes, cosmetics, electronics and candy. The malls that I went to are

  • Short Hill Mall.
  • BridgeWater Commons Mall.
  • Willow Creek Mall.
  • The Village.

My favourite brands for shopping are Aeropostale, Victoria Secret , Charter Club ( Macy’s), Alfani and Style and Company. Its funny I have to buy my clothes from the petite section but I love the collection its just superb. In Short Hill Mall I loved going to Whoops and eating macaroons.

edited-2 macaroons.png

I also miss having the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes my favourite flavour red velvet.


red velvet cup cakes.png







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