The beautiful terrains and highlights of Australia

In Australia we went to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Cairns. Starting with Sydney we went to the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has lot of live performances. I loved just going to the Sydney Opera House and seeing it from inside.oie_LEUC3dOa6RgO




We also went to Melbourne and saw the Melbourne Cricket ground. It was a different experience for me to see a big stadium where all the matches take place.

melbourne cricket ground.png

Melbourne Cricket Ground

We also drove to the Great Ocean Road which was a scenic drive  and visited the twelve apostles.

edited twelve apostles.png

Twelve Apostles.

I loved seeing the twelve apostles because they are something different unlike those that I have seen elsewhere for example stalagmites and stalactites.  At present there are only eight apostles that exist.

Moving on to the Great Barrier Reef . We took a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef. I did scuba scooter which is sitting on a scooter with holding your nose for some time under water. This was a lovely experience for me seeing all the coral polyps as the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s largest coral reef system.

coral reef -great barrief reef.jpgcoral reef -great barrief reef.jpg

Lovely coral polyps some of what I saw while scuba doo in the scooter.

 Blue Mountains

I loved blue mountains because of the spectacular scenery. For those who have not been to australia blue mountains is a must. We visited ‘The Three Sisters’ in Blue Mountains.  For the readers who have never been to The three sisters I will discuss it in brief. The three sisters as seen in the picture below is a rock formation situated in Blue Mountains South Wales Australia.


Other Highlights of my visit to Australia are:

  • Sand boarding.
  • ATV Ride.
  • Hot air balloon ride early in the morning in Cairns .
  • Terrific and the most scariest roller coasters in Gold coast.






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