Its all about flora and fauna in Ranthambore

For those who were waiting for the next blog. Here it is . I had gone for a wildlife holiday to Ranthambore on 25th January 2016.

It was a wonderful experience going for a wildlife holiday after very long.  We always prefer a wildlife holiday to beach and shopping.

Ranthambhore has ten zones out of which tourists can visit 1 to 8.  There is good sighting of animals in zones one to five.  There are open gypsies which the tourists enter the park with a driver and a forest guide. We visited zones 1 to five and overall we had five jungle safaris.

Let me briefly describe my experience with each zone one by one. First we went to Zone five and saw sambhar, chital, mongoose, peacock ,peahen and  the T-72 Sultan.

We also saw other animals like heron, blue bull and crocodiles.

edited nilgai


I loved watching animals in the wild rather than watching them kept in close in a zoo.  The most memorable experience is waking up early in the morning before sunset and going for jungle safaris.  Moving on to the next zone that we visited was Zone 2 morning safari . We saw female blue bull for the first time and other birds like woodpecker and eagle. I feel that sighting in the jungle does not always focus on the tiger but also other animals that make up the jungle life.

The best sight was when during one of the safaris I was sitting in the middle and I spotted the female tigress in the middle of the road walking. I saw the tail of the tiger and that is how I spotted it and screamed tiger.  We stopped the car and saw it go on the top of the mountain till it was completely camouflaged in the jungle.



eurasian eagle owl.png

Eurasian Eagle Owl

edited-2 female nilgai.png

Female Nilgai


What a lovely photo taken with the tiger sitting behind the most memorable picture of the holiday.

We also went to Ranthambore fort though it was not clean at all.

ranthambore fort.png

Photo Credits: Arushi Jindal.

The best part of the jungle safari was the last male tiger we saw relaxing in the water on the way out of the jungle and the experience of being surrounded by nature.








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