A beguiling vacation to Bhutan

I travelled to Bhutan with my parents for a holiday.  Since we like going for scenic holidays Bhutan was a good choice.  I will briefly describe about Bhutan so that you readers don’t get bored after reading pages and pages. Bhutan is a landlocked country located in South Asia at the eastern end of the Himalayas. We went to Paro,  Thimpu, Wangdiphodrang and Bumtang.

My favourite places that I loved visiting in Paro a Kyichu Lha Khang Monastery. edited kyichu lha khang.png

Kyichu Lha Khang Monastery.

We also went to the thimphu chorten. Chorten means a Buddhist shrine a monument to the Lord Buddha. Monastery is a building that is occupied by monks who live under religious vows. I stayed at Kichu Resort in Paro which was very nice. I liked it because it was comfortable, peaceful and scenic.

kichu resort.png

Kichu Resort Paro.


Thimpu is also in Bhutan. We went to Thimphu dzong, Thimpu chorten and Changangkha Lhakhang Monastery.

changangkha lhakhang monastery thimphu.jpg

Changangkha Lhakhang Monastery.

edited thimpu dzong.png

Thimpu dzong.

thimpu chorten.png

Thimpu Chorten.

I liked thimphu because of the scenic beauty and the different monasteries and chorten that thimphu has. The chorten and the monasteries have different architecture as those that I have seen in other temples.


I visited the Punakha dzong in Bumtang. Dzong means fortress. Punakha dzong means the palace of great happiness. It is the administrative center of Punakha district in Punakha Bhutan. I liked the palace because it was different from the palaces that I have seen while travelling to other places like for example the schonbrunn palace in vienna.

edited- punakha dzong

Punakha dzong



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