An eye-catching tour to New York

New York is a bustling city but a tourist attraction.  I have visited New York and gone to various touristy places like Times square, Rockefeller square, World Trade Centre, Statue of Liberty and Empire State building. Last year I went to New York for new years and it was a different experience altogether. The houses are decorated for Christmas and they are kept till New years.

edited empire state building.png

Empire State building


edited statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty

times square edited.png


Times Square

world trade center edited.png

World Trade Center.

My favourite sightseeing area was times square. It was different from the other squares that I have visited like that of in Lisbon. The times square is situated at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. I also remember going to the huge apple store located on the Fifth Avenue . The reason for the different apple store that I observed when I saw it was that it was big and had a glass cube which made the look worth watching and visiting. I also loved going to the M and m store and seeing the display of the  differently flavoured M and m’s yummy. The M & M’s world is the largest candy store in New York.

edited m and m store new york.png

M and m Store.

Though I was never a fan of m and m chocolate but I enjoyed visiting the shop.





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