An unforgettable experience to Lisbon.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. I visited Lisbon in 2009 with my cousins and Aunt. We combined the holiday with other cities like Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Zaragoza, Vienna, London, Madrid and Barcelona. For the sightseeing and accommodation we generally take the SOTC tour or Thomas cook. This is because it is already pre-booked and we get to see many touristy places in one day unlike doing it on your own leisure.

I liked the Lisbon harbour port of Lisbon because I had never seen such an enormous port earlier .Briefly discussing about the Lisbon harbour port. Looking at the size it is the largest port in Portugal and is used both for commercial and touristy purpose.My favourite part of the Lisbon harbour port was the docks and the cruise terminals.

edited harbour port of Lisbon.png

A view of the Lisbon harbour port.

We also went to the National Museum of Archaeology though am not very fond of museums because I feel it is too much history and by the time I come back home I forget most of the information told to me by the guide. In museums I prefer looking at the things that have been safely kept for tourists to see. The other touristy places that we went are:Rossio square and restoration square.

restoration square lisbon.jpg

Restoration Square, Lisbon.


Rossio square.

I like visiting the Rossio square because of the water fountain view on both the sides of the statue and the view of the two buildings one on the side of the square and the other behind the square.



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