A memorable experience to Vienna

I visited Vienna in 2009 with my aunt and my cousins. Vienna has a lot to do it depends on what your interests are. The places we visited are Schonbrunn Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna Opera House and Vienna Parliament.  The Schonbrunn Palace is magnificent. It has a billiard room, walnut room, Franz Joseph’s Study and Bedroom, The Stairs Cabinet, The Dressing Room, Bedroom of both Franz Joseph and Elizabeth, Marie Antoinette’s Room and the Mirrors Room.

inside schonbrunn palace

edited-mirror room schonbrunn palace

The Mirror Room Schonbrunn Palace.

edited vienna parliament

Vienna Parliament.

edited -1 dressing room

Schonbrunn palace room

edited vienna opera house

Vienna Opera House.

edited stephen's cathedral

St Stephen’s Cathedral




What I really loved about Vienna.

My favourite touristy place was Schonbrunn Palace. I liked the interior architecture of the palace because it was different from the other palaces that I have visited. Especially the rooms and how they were designed  in the earlier times is totally different from today ‘s modern era. I also liked the St Stephen’s Cathedral because I like going to places of worship and learning about different religions like Christianity. The best part of the experience to Vienna  was the Vienna Opera House was the stage of the auditorium and the size of the stage so that it was easier for the performers to perform.



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