The picturesqueness and beauty of the Lion City Singapore

I travelled to Singapore in 2014 with my new roommate my grandmother and my parents. I will briefly touch upon the history of Singapore in few lines.

Singapore is considered strategic in terms of its locations. The population of Singapore is 75% Chinese inhabitants, others Singapore Malays and few Indians. In the financial district Singapore has 1,500 multinational companies. The distance east to west is 62 km. Singapore is called the lion city.—the-lion-city.

Places that are touristy.

I went to Universal Studios, Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park and other places like  Chinatown, Clark Quay, Boat Quay . We also went to shopping malls like Bugis Mall, Raffles City, Peninsular Plaza, Robinson and Takashima.

My favourite part 0f my visit to  Singapore was the Jurong Bird Park. At the Jurong Bird Park we saw different shows of birds which were spectacular.   Beginning  from the first show was the falcons show, high flyers shows with macaus, penguins, cassowary, flamingoes and brown pelican.   I also went to Lorry Loft in Jurong Bird Park, World of Darkness. The other birds that I saw are Southern Ground Hornbill and different types of owls like the spotted wood owl. The different types of penguins are king fairy and humbolt penguin.

edited brown pelican.png

Brown pelican


Spotted Wood Owl.

edited southern ground hornbill.png

Southern Ground Hornbill.


edited cassowary bird

edited macau-1.png

I also liked the night safari we went for  because I prefer wildlife sightseeing over shopping  and going for  beach holidays.The animals in the night safari are seen while sitting in a tram.  It was a different experience altogether because normally we see animals in a jeep in the jungle. We saw a variety of animals.

After the night safari got over we saw a fire show which was astoundding .


The last place we visited was the National Orchid Garden in Singapore.edited national orchid garden.png



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