Beauty Enthralled.

Nail Art and Me.

My favourite beauty trend that I would like to try is nail art. I love putting nail polish and doing nail art. For you readers , I suggest it is important to pick up a nail polish before buying it.  One has to keep in mind the colour, whether it will good on my fingers and the nail polish brand that does not fade easily.

The nail polishes that I use in terms of brands vary. I picked up O.P.I by Nicole in three colours last when I went to America. The three colours that I picked up are I sea you and raise you,  carnival cotton candy and feeling grapeful.


cotton candy edited.png


The other nail polish brands that are good and don’t chip off easily are Chambor, Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Pink Drama, Lakme Gold  and  Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in the money.  For the nail art on the top coat after applying one of these colours especially for a formal luncheon, night dinner or a wedding I add a layer of  Faces Hollywood 34 which gives  the nails a more shiny look.


faces hollywood nail polish

Recommendations to enhance your beauty:

I recommend the readers to use Cheryl  Dermalite face wash for normal to dry skin. After using the product I feel that the product is effective and  gives quick fairness,  hydrating and exfoliates the skin.  In winters ,  we should use the cocoa glow  body lotion  because it prevents the skin from drying and makes it smooth.

cheryl face wash.jpg



For the eyes I recommend chambor eye definer because it is easy to remove, long lasting and it is easy to apply.  Since I have been using eye pencils over a long period of time I decided to buy the chambor  eye definer rather than the thick brush liquid liner which is easier for people who already apply eyeliner liquid everyday.




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