Enlightening and shaping little minds by imparting knowledge to them through activities and books

I believe that effective teaching only occurs when the atmosphere is right and children respect the authority of staff.  I have taught children in various schools like Aman Setu and Kids 2 Teens.   Only Aman Setu was different because they follow an inclusive approach. Their curriculum is also different from the other schools due to the reason being there is more flexibility and freedom for the teacher to prepare the lesson plan. She is free to do activities with the children pertaining to the topic.

I have recently started going to Society of Christ Jesus where economically backward children come to learn. There are two batches from every Monday to Friday. I teach the children of the second batch from 6pm to 7pm regularly.I teach children of all ages and ensure through activities and books  that the children learn in an effective manner.

For example I did an activity of conversation with the children. The children had to make conversation with their partner on the topic about me and my family. After the activity got over they first wrote the questions in Hindi and then to make it easier for them they wrote in English with the respective answers.

I was elated to see the enthusiasm and the motivation the children had to learn something new and interesting. After the session got over what touched me was the children asking me , “Didi will you come tomorrow to teach us?children reading.jpg


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