An Exhilarating Vacation to Ceylon

In 2013 my family and I went to Ceylon for a vacation. The places of tourist interest in Ceylon and those that we went sightseeing to e Kandy. The official language of Ceylon is Sinhala.  As I have always liked to learn different languages even when I was studying during my graduation I learnt some words from Sinhala. Some examples are:

  1. Mallu – Fish.
  2. Watura –Water.
  3. Ayubowan- Hello.
  4. Istuti- Thank you.

In Kandy we visited the elephant orphanage where elephants were sitting in the water and bathing themselves. But I feel this is like a zoo unlike elephants in the wild. Tourists from all over the world come to see these elephants and also to feed them during their meal time. I didn’t feed them because I was a little scared but saw many other people feeding them. We also went to some more tourist places like the Surathura spice and herbal garden which was something I had never seen before.  A guide took us around the whole garden and explained the value and usage of each spice and herb.

I liked visiting the Tooth relic temple which has the relic of the tooth of Lord Buddha.


tooth relic temple

Since I love dancing I was happy to go watch the Cultural Dance at Red Cross Hall.

Last of the sightseeing areas in Kandy was the Peradeniya Botanical gardens. As I love being surrounded by nature I thoroughly enjoyed the walk  around the garden.

edited orchids.png

A picture of lovely purple orchids that are found in the Peradeniya Botanical Garden. The national flower of Ceylon that we saw in the Peradeniya Botanical Garden is blue water lily.

blue water lily.jpg




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