What is my favorite classical dance and why?

In August 2000 I joined bharat Natyam Classes in April 2000 from Kalamanjari Dance Academy in Pune itself. I continued doing bharat natyam till the arangetram.  Bharat Natyam is my favorite classical dance form and once I started going for the dance class I started loving it.

I would not discuss the origins of bharatanatyam in great detail because the readers might find it monotonous and boring. But in brief I will touch up on the origins of the dance.

It is the most popular of the Indian classical dance forms in South India, and the most ancient of all the classical Indian dance styles in the entire India, which are all based on Natya Shastra, the Bible of the classical Indian dance. It is performed by women dancers generally.

I like bharat natyam because

  1. There is not one instrument that accompanies bharat natyam.  There are different instruments like veena, cymbal, violin, ghatam, flute and mridangam.  Unlike Bollywood dance or hip-hop salsa, rock and roll,tap dance and belly dance,  the god of bharatanatyam  is Lord Shiva.
  2.  Bharat Natyam is a expressive dance with uses a lot of eye movements and bending of the feet.
  3. The hand movements are different from other dances.
  4. Alta is used to paint the palms and feet and both are painted before the bharat natyam dance.




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