Guess my favourite style?

My fashion style is a combination of two styles traditional and punk. Traditional style usually denotes the groups of personality traits that also match an exact fashion theme.  Fashion style is like a character outline that describes a personality out of a fashion theme.

This particular type of style displays the girl who is sensible.  The characteristics of people with the traditional style are polite, practical and always dress appropriately. Their styles are classic since most of the apparels are time-honored favorites. A girl with this style frequently wears a dress and jeans and a t-shirt or jeans and a shirt.

floral shirt.png


The punk style had begun after the World War 2 but became popular in the 1970s. The main goal of this style is to be anti-materialistic and edgy. The glam punk has bright colors and I like wearing bright colored lipsticks. My way of dressing up is pop punk since I like to wear skinny jeans.


black jeggings

blue jeggings.png

pink fuchsia lipstick.png

blazing orange lipstick.png


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