Right or Wrong or Fashionable

Nowadays the society‘s mentality in terms of the girl’s dressing up is considered revealing by society.  This is mostly in the case of teenagers where they feel that they should wear what everyone is wearing, though this is not true in all circumstances.

I would like to share an observation here of mine in Pune, the city I live. One day in the evening I was going to attend a friends mehndi function and I noticed that there were so many teenagers all dressed up for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender that took place from 4th to 6th December in Pune.

I was surprised to see the young girls and the manner in which they were dressed especially while travelling in a rickshaw or walking on the streets.  The clothes that they were wearing were mini dresses, mini shorts, tube tops, sleeveless t-shirts and any other kind of clothes that were skimpy and revealing.

edited pink tube dress.png

green tube dress

flowery tube dress edited.png

They think it is very fashionable to wear such type of clothes but here they are wrong.  They say that “everyone is wearing it.” In such circumstances they don’t understand the mentality of the corresponding gender and the way in which they see the girl. Girls can get eve- teased and embarrassed just because of what the opposite gender sees when they see such fashionable girls.

I am not saying that girls should not wear such type of attire but should think where they are wearing it.  They can wear the same attire while travelling in a car without being looked upon in the absolutely wrong manner by the opposite gender.

Some tips for teenager’s way of dressing up

  1. Area- The key point that a teenager could first keep in mind is where she is going and then decide what to wear accordingly.
  2.  Family\ Friends- Decide what to wear and with whom.For example a girl can wear a long dress or a gown for a family occasion even if it is off -shoulder as long as it is not skimpy or revealing. On the other hand the tricky part comes when going out with friends and trying to wear what everyone is wearing and be like them.
  3.  Mode of transport- This is also significant especially when young girls travel by rickshaw alone which is considered unsafe in some cities. On the other end even in a car one has to be careful while getting down but it is considered slightly safer if one is with family .
  4. Time of the day- While stepping out after it gets dark in summer or winters a girl has to be careful . She should be with a group of people not only one or two boys.

If the girl is well dressed like for example casual wear t-shirt and jeans it is safe but only if she is a mixed group of boys and girls.




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