Headgears 2015

Headgears .

There are different types of headgear that are worn for different occasions like in weddings the bridesmaids wear tiaras especially in christian weddings . For young girls pink is the trending color.  The tiaras can be simple to embellished with gems and swarovski depending on the person who will be wearing the tiara.

I painted a pink crown  that can be worn for both weddings and also bachelorette parties for the bride to be.

red tiara edited.png

Wedding Headgears.

In weddings normally the bride wears jhumar and maang tikka for the wedding  functions.

jhumar edited.png




Common Headgears worn nowadays.

The common headgears worn nowadays are hats and caps. Both of them are worn in summer to prevent the direct ultraviolet rays of the sun. In Pune I do wear cap especially while going out for a picnic with family. On the other hand hats are bigger than caps and can be worn for formal occassions or just for fashion.

Vintage hats were worn in 1940’s and were very popular then. The vintage hat can be worn by both women and men. I painted a brown vintage hat with a touch of gold on it that men can wear.

edited vintage hat.png

blue hat edited.png

red cap edited.png

Headgear worn by different cultures in India.

  1. Sikhs- Sikh men wear a turban called a dastar.
  2. Muslim- Both men and women wear a headgear. Men wear a taqiyah at the time of prayers. Women wear a hijab which is a scarf that covers the hair. In different countries women wear different headgear like for example Niqab is also worn. It is a veil that covers the face and only the eyes are visible. Burka is a full length dress that covers not only  the face but the full body.
  3. Maharashtrian- The men wear a traditional turban called pheta that is worn in Maharashtra.

black edited hijab -1.png

red turban edited.png





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