I love wearing sunglasses that suit my face those which have a small frame. I have two pairs of sunglasses from espirit. I love the fitting and the style as it is comfortable to wear. Espirit has a variety of sun glasses. Aviators are in fashion now but it is too small for me.  Though sunglasses is supposed to be worn to prevent the eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun but nowadays  the purpose of wearing sunglasses has shifted to  wearing it for style.

Not all people can buy the high end brands for sunglasses like dolce and Gabanna, Prada, Emporio Armani, Burberry, Oakley etc.  I think that some people are just brand conscious and have a mindset that they should wear only branded things. This is not true it is how comfortable you are in what you wear and how you carry yourself in a larger crowd that really matters. I do agree that some things when bought a little expensive is long lasting than bought at a cheaper price.

At one time when I was younger because I found it difficult to buy small frame sunglasses I bought Polaroid purple sunglasses that were very comfortable and also did not break at all though it was not one of those high end brands. When it comes to buying sunglasses I like brown, purple subtle colors unlike green, blue, yellow, red, pink and orange. Sunglasses that are available are stylish and are of different shapes and sizes.


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