Wrist Watches I wear and the trending Brands 2015

Wristwatches I wear and the trending brands 2015.

The trending brands nowadays in terms of Raga titan, Swarovski, Tag Heuer, Fossil, Guess, Dior, Chopard, Rolex,  Omega, Cartier, Rado, Michael Kors, Chanel, Mont blanc, I watch and Moto 360, Swatch, Seiko , Sonata and Gucci. Vintage watches and those with rubber bands are in high demand now. The trend nowadays that most people wear are colours like silver, stainless steel and white gold.

Out of all these brands discussed above I love to wear Guess, Cartier and Swatch watches.  I recently bought a guess watch which has changeable straps in three colors like white, red and black. It is very easy to change the strap as per the color of the outfit that you are wearing for a particular occasion.

For example the black strap I would prefer to either wear it with a western formal black dress or black jeggings and a matching top with it. The red strap would go with my vero moda neon red jeans or a red t-shirt with black jeggings or jeans.

white guess-1

I think that it is essential to accessorize watch with other accessories like for example when I wear jeans and a t-shirt I only wear the watch especially when am going out for shopping, going to visit a friend. There are times when I don’t wear a watch at all. I then wear a bangle in both the wrists.

My mother has given me some of her old watches that she does not wear like Citizen quartz which is gold in colour. She has also given me a black and gold watch that I generally wear with a black dress or black jeggings and a t-shirt.


black and gold edited.png

My friend gifted me a classic guess silver watch with the logo embellished on it for one of my birthdays.

silver guess edited

The different types of watches are:

  • Sport watches.
  • Luxury watches.
  • Diamond watches.
  • Quartz watches.
  • Mechanical watches.
  • Water Resistant watches.

Luxury watches are for those who appreciate expert watch movements and exquisite handcrafted complications that are encased in superior materials and precious gems. Examples are Chanel, Cartier, chopard, Tag Heuer, Dior, Hermes, Hublot, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Seiko and Tiffany and Co.

Diamond watches can help dress up a particular attire for a function. The brands that sell diamond watches are citizen, fossil, guess and swarovski.

Quartz watches are in large quantities found in a wide range of styles and designers from souvenir watches that are brandless in a gift shop to timex, swatch and swiss army to luxury brands like Raymond Weil and Baume and Mercier.

Mechanical watches perform amazing functions without using computers or electricity.

Water resistant watches  are made up of special gaskets which form a watertight seal.  The brands that sell water resistant watches are casio, michael kors, citizen, raymond weil and Hamilton.







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