Perfumes that I love and the popular brands 2015

Perfumes that I love and the popular brands in 2015.

The perfumes that I have used are when my father used to buy from these duty free shops at airports. My favorite perfumes are I love Dior, Dior Addict -2, Dkny green apple, guess and Versace bright crystal perfume.

dkny green apple -1 edited.png

I love dior -1.png

versace edited perfume

  • I also love using Victoria Secret Mists like strawberry and champagne, Love spell cherry blossom and peach fragrance mist. This particular mist has a strong odor so I normally wear while going for outings like big get together with family friends. I prefer using not very strong odor perfumes and body mists because at times because of the strong odor I get a headache.
  • bath and body works edited

    strawberries and champagne.png

    victoria's secret secret charm


      The other fragrance mists that are my favorite are two mists from bath and body works that I had bought when I went to America last year, sweet pea fragrance mist and Maui hibiscus beach fine fragrance mist 236 ml. I love the odor of the bath and body works more than the Victoria’s Secret the reason being both of them are not strong odors unlike more specifically the Victoria’s Secret Love spell cherry blossom and peach.

    Nowadays one can buy bath and body works products from e-shopping like and amazon India. In Pune in Clover center Mahatma Gandhi Road there are two shops that sell Victoria secret products. They are Sunshine that is located in the ground floor.

    The other brand that I like for perfumes is the body shop a gift that my friend gifted me for my 25th birthday. I love the fragrance of the body shop atlas mountain rose eau de toilette.




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